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Focusing on gaming technology and tools, mobile applications, and web


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We are a small team with a passion for game development.

We build games and tools using the Unity and Unreal engines, and our team members have many years of experience with other games technologies.

Our resumes include everything from the original counterstrike mod team, to the team that wrote the state-of-the-art DirectX 11 renderer for the Prepar3D V2.0 flight simulator.

Check out some of our past projects, and take a look at out blog for updates on what we are working on now.


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From visually-striking, art-rich apps to security-critical financial apps, Voidstar Solutions will provide the professional services you need to make your idea a reality.

We’re here to assist you during any phase of your app’s development.

Whether your next killer app is a scribble on a napkin or already deployed, Voidstar Solutions can provide anything from professional design consultations to complete products for Apple, Android, or Windows systems.

Check out some of our recent projects.


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Website design - Databases - Scripting - Analytics - Cloud Solutions

Close to half the world is online, and you’re trying to reach them. Let Voidstar Solutions help you create your customer-facing presence and engage over 3 billion internet users.

We can help you design, build, host, deploy, and advertise online, and you’ll be as involved in the process as you would like.

More than $40,000 changes hands online every second – make your website count.

Just email us if you’d like to discuss how.

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Zach Heylmun

Zach got his first experience with software engineering in his fortran for engineers class as an aerospace engineering junior at the University of Florida. He immediately switched majors, and finished degrees in both Computer Science and Digital Arts and Science Engineering.

He loves learning new technologies, and has since pursued every opportunity to work with new platforms, languages, and, in particular, games technologies.

He especially enjoys software design and loves working on challenging projects.

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Shannon Heylmun

Shannon has been studying web design and development since 2011 when she built her teaching homepage while working as a teaching assistant at the University of Florida.

She has extensive experience with HTML5, and develops elegant, user-focused Ruby on Rails web applications.

Usability, responsiveness, and style are foremost goals in all of Shannon's front-end development.

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